4 weeks superset bike

4 week program

4 weeks superset bike

Training overview

Training description

This is a superset program designed to build the whole body, improve fitness and strengthen muscles. The program is suitable for both men and women. To more easily follow the superset program, the exercises can be performed in groups, with a friend or your partner. This way you can push each other and cope more.

Performing the exercises with the right technique is always the most important thing. When you feel that the technology is there, you can do faster repetitions. Gradually increase the exercises every week. Between each superset, rest for about one to two minutes depending on the exercise. If you start your next superset too early, you may not be able to lift the same weight, or lose the technique.

Superset (means that you commute between two different movements without rest). Example: If you see in the exercise program that it says “10 + 10”, it means a superset. For example, “Front squats + Romanian deadlift”, means that you should do ten Front squats and immediately after performing 10 repetitions Romanian deadlift and then rest.

Superset generally means that you need to work with lighter weights than you usually do. Superset is not the same as cardio or circuit training.






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