Diet challenges

Diet challenges

Nutrition and diet issues are once again on the table. People get confused and do not know how to eat in order to achieve weight loss, in the most fast and effective way possible, and without compromising their health and well-being. The variety of alternative diets to choose from, is getting overwhelming for the general public and the confusion increases, mostly when people argue to stand for their own diet and health programs, as the right ones.

Who is right then? What’s the best diet? When and how often is it advised to eat? Is it in the morning and at night? Is it three times a day? How do we even stay sane amongst all this diet craziness? How often do you see people starting a diet to get in shape, preparing for the summer and then, a few weeks later, they eventually return to their bad old habits and end up gaining the same weight they had lost in the first place, or even more? What would you do, if there was a way to stay fit the entire year?

“The hard part of any diet is to get in a good shape and we all have different opinions about what a good shape is. So, to establish an argument that suits everybody, we may define “good shape” as a physical and mental state, in which you are healthy, have good nutrition levels and feel comfortable with yourself and in your own skin. “

Let’s say a man does an inbody test at his highest level of performance and the results comeback with 10% of body fat and 42 kg of muscle tissue. His weight is 83 kg, so this result is something he is really happy about. In this example, he needed to train 5-6 times a week and to eat 100% healthy, in order to achieve this goal. To maintain the same body fat and muscle tissue is hard, especially if you are at your peak level.

For most people who go through diet programs, the hardest thing is when after getting into a strict diet and training for 2 to 3 months to reach their best results, they quickly leave the good habits and go back to the old ones. Instead of slowly returning to their normal lives, with a more healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, people start eating trash again and procrastinating any training plans . That creates a great impact, especially when people realize a few weeks later, all their effort went down the drain. So after finishing a diet plan, always remember to engage on a healthy routine of eating good 90% to 95% of the times, as well as exercising around 3 times a week . You may lose some muscles and gain body fat, but the difference will not be perceptible. You can also grab a cracker or eat pizza once in a while and still be in good shape. The important thing is to create good and healthy habits in your daily routine . If you do so, it gets easier to stay away from temptations, as well as to better understand the importance of eating better. Eating healthy and training, produces greater results in our normal day life. We feel more energetic, we stay more focused, we sleep better , we feel better and more comfortable with ourselves and in our body , we feel more mentally balanced, and of course, we have a greater chance to live longer and age with life quality, in terms of physical and mental health.

Taking up any challenge for other people’s reasons, is in the end, a long way to failure. Therefore, finding your own reason to stay fit, is the most important thing along the entire process. Otherwise, you will not be able to commit yourself to it.

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