Grips: A pair of good grips are essential for performing in the rig. The grips give you the opportunity to hang longer and advance your gymnastic exercises considerably. That’s why we at Dchange offer the best grips on the market. Our crossfit grips make sure to keep your hands healthy and save you pain while you can more easily perform your pull-ups, chin-ups, muscle bar and toes to bar. They are also very grateful to use the grips during heavy deadlifts and other powerlifting to improve your grip strength. Our Dchange crossfit grips 2.0 are easy to take off and on, which makes it easier during training sessions that contain other elements that do not require grips.

Pull up grips came into the market primarily to protect the practitioner’s hands from injury during gymnastic exercises. Gymnastic exercises put a lot of pressure and friction on the hands, as you constantly get friction in your hands when training in rings and bars where you are constantly carrying your own body weight. If you want to read more about gymnastics and these exercises, click here.

The need started here, but quickly spread among other sports. A sport that requires good grip is crossfit. Crossfit is a high-intensity form of training for the whole body where you combine gymnastic exercises with barbell training and pulse-raising intervals. Grips have become a must in crossfit, as the form of training places great demands on your hands and is used by everyone who competes in the sport. To read more about crossfit, click here.

In crossfit, tilting is used extremely much. Kipping is a technique that involves starting with a bend or tuck in the hips and then quickly extending the hip joints to create speed and a swing in the movement. Kippning is mainly practiced in the rig and in Olympic rings. Movement energy is used to facilitate the strength moments in the exercises, and there are several different types of tilting. If you are interested in these and want to read more, click here.