6 week program


Training overview

Training description

Welcome to this periodization program that ranges from high-repetitive to low-repetitive sets. If you use the same exercise program and repetitions for a long time, your body will eventually adapt to it. What you then have to do is “shock” or “surprise” your body. You need to regularly give your body new challenges if you are to continue to increase muscle mass. “Accrual” is the key to this! Instead of doing the same routine month after month, change your exercise program at regular intervals. The goal is to keep the body more activated while getting enough rest.

The accrual program is based on a split program structure. You will train each muscle group twice a week and the layout is as follows: Day one-leg shoulders, Day two-chest tricep, Day three-back bicep, Day four-leg shoulders calves, Day five-chest tricep, Day six-back bicep . During weeks one to two, the exercises are highly repetitive, between 14-20 repetitions.

Weeks two to four, the exercises are moderately repetitive, between 8-12 repetitions. Weeks four to six, the exercises are low repetitive between 2-6 repetitions. This without some exercises that isolate muscle groups.

After six weeks, it is recommended to have a rest week and then start the program again.

As you enter your second period of training, it is important to try to increase the load during each exercise from the previous round you went through the program. Even if it is not more than half a kilo at a time. It is important to pay attention to maintaining the right technology despite the increased load. If you are not able to maintain a correct movement pattern or lose the technique in the exercises, you have probably taken too much weight. Find the balance between the weights and the technique to be able to achieve the best possible results with your training.







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