Dchange speed ropes 2.0

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At Dchange we have the best speed ropes you can think of! Our speed ropes are made to facilitate your use of skipping ropes. With ball bearings in the grip to facilitate rotation in the hand, you get no resistance, and the rope moves easily. In addition, our jump ropes have a mechanism that makes it extremely easy for you to quickly shorten or extend the rope without tools. We have simply focused on producing speed ropes that are user-friendly, comfortable to jump with and stylish. With our jump ropes, you will quickly learn to handle double unders and are suitable for both you who are a beginner and advanced.
You can find size cards in the last picture of pictures on the grips. Before first use, take some water and dab on the surface of the grip and rub it lightly against the surface, then wipe it off. Then you are ready to go!


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