Weightlifting and crossfit

1-5 week program

Weightlifting and crossfit

Training overview

Training description

This is an overall weightlifting / crossfit program. When lifting weights, it is very important to strive for technical competence and control. Olympic lifting has a much higher technical difficulty compared to normal strength training. Therefore, much more time is needed to work with the movements. Be focused and do not exceed your limits unnecessarily, if you feel insecure about the exercises. Sometimes 5 kg is all that stands between you and an injury.

In the crossfit part of the session, it is very important that you focus on your speed. If you go into the wall too early, it will be more difficult to complete your wod at maximum speed. Be smart and find a pace that you can comfortably work at for a long time, where you can perform at the top all the way.

This is a six-day program and can be performed several times before switching to another program.







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