Optimal glute and whole body program

6 week program

Optimal glute and whole body program

Training overview

Training description

Welcome to the training program for focusing on the gluteal muscles with input from the whole body (buttocks building program). 😊

It is an advanced training program aimed at you with previous experience from strength training. The main goal of the program is to increase muscle mass, as well as to build a more muscular and toned butt.

When you go through the various exercises of the exercise program, it is important to focus on the muscles you are training to get the best possible contact and effect. Research has shown that there is a greater chance of activating the correct muscle group in an exercise by mentally focusing on that muscle group during the exercise. It is also important that you always try to challenge yourself with the weights, however, be careful to maintain the right technique despite the weight gain so that you do not lose posture during the exercises. It is important not to go on a low calorie diet plan when using this exercise plan.






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